General recommendations concerning recognition


Academic degrees, registration in documents Initiates file downloadPDF (73 KB)
Academic recognition, Opens external link in new window Lisbon Recognition Convention
Admission Australia – Recommendation
Admission China – Recommendation Initiates file downloadPDF (29 KB)
Admission, Decree on Groups of Persons, schools abroad Startet den Datei-DownloadPDF (33 KB)
Admission European Baccalaureate Startet den Datei-DownloadPDF (25 KB)
Admission, foreign secondary school leaving certificates – Recommendation
Startet den Datei-DownloadPDF (31 KB)
Admission, International Baccalaureate PDF (66 KB)
Admission, Lisbon Recognition Convention, substantial differences
Admission, Syria Initiates file downloadPDF (8 KB)
Admission Russian Federation – Recommendation 
Admission Turkey – Recommendation 
Admission United Kingdom – Recommendation (PDF, 3 Page)
Admission United States 
Advanced Placement – Recommendation 
Armenia, recognition 
Australia, admission 
Austria, recognition 
Austrian schools abroad Startet den Datei-DownloadPDF (33 KB)
Azerbaijan, recognition  


British secondary school leaving certificates 


Change of university, recognition 
China, admission Initiates file downloadPDF (29 KB)
China, recognition 


Decree on Groups of Persons, schools abroad 


EU candidate countries, validation 
European Baccalaureate 


Foreign documents, legalization 
Foreign secondary school leaving certificates, admission 
France, recognition  


Germany, recognition 
Grading systems 


Institute for Higher Studies in Vienna 
Institutions of post-secondary education, temporal scope of application 
Interest of living, centre 
International assignment of levels of study 
International Baccalaureate (PDF, 7 Page)
Italy, teacher training colleges 


Joint degree programmes PDF (28 KB)


Legalization list for higher education (PDF, 14 Page) 
Levels of study, international assignment 
Lisbon Convention – General recommendation 
Lisbon Convention – Recommendation on substantial differences (PDF, 7 Page) 
Luxembourg, recognition 


Orthopedagogical professions, schools 


Physicians Act, validation 
Poland, recognition 


Recognition Armenia – Recommendation 
Recognition Austria – Recommendation 
Recognition Azerbaijan – Recommendation 
Recognition China – Recommendation 
Recognition, foreign grading systems Startet den Datei-DownloadPDF (18 KB)
Recognition France – Recommendation 
Recognition Germany – Recommendation 
Recognition Luxembourg – Recommendation 
Recognition Poland – Recommendation 
Recognition Slovakia – Recommendation 
Recognition Switzerland – Recommendation 
Recognition United States – Recommendation (general) 
Recognition United States – Recommendation (Teacher Training Programs) 
Recognized institutions of post-secondary education, temporal scope of application Startet den Datei-DownloadPDF (18 KB)
Refugees, validation for Medicine 
Registration guidelines for academic degrees 
Russian Federation, admission 


Schools abroad – List Startet den Datei-DownloadPDF (33 KB)
Schools for orthopedagogical professions Startet den Datei-DownloadPDF (18 KB)
Slovakia, recognition 
Substantial differences, Lisbon Recognition Convention (PDF, 7 Page)
Switzerland, recognition 
Syria, admission Initiates file downloadPDF (8 KB)


Teacher Training Colleges 
Term for validation 
Turkey, admission 


United Kingdom, admission Initiates file downloadPDF (25 KB)
United States, Advanced Placement Program 
United States, recognition (general) 
United States, recognition (Teacher Training Programs) 


Validation, equivalence, Physicians Act Startet den Datei-DownloadPDF (20 KB)
Validation, equivalence, term Startet den Datei-DownloadPDF (18 KB)
Validation, EU candidate countries Startet den Datei-DownloadPDF (25 KB)
Validation for Medicine, refugees 
Validation, prerequisites Startet den Datei-DownloadPDF (16 KB)
Vienna School of International Studies