ENOHE Publications

ENOHE Publications

The ENOHE News newsletter (avaiable in printed form and electronically) is intended to provide the steadily growing ENOHE “family” with relevant news on current events, trends, and developments in the field of work of ombudsmen in higher education.



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ENOHE Occasional Papers

The ENOHE Occasional Papers are a series of publications intended to inform its readers about current trends, recent developments, and scenarios for the future in the development of academic  ombudsmen within European and international higher education.

ENOHE Occasional Paper Nr. 1: Kristl Holtrop / Josef Leidenfrost (eds.)
Student – Institutional Relationships in Times of New University Management:
Academic Ombudsmen in European Higher Education Startet den Datei-DownloadPDF (1 MB)

ENOHE Occasional Paper Nr. 2: Josef Leidenfrost (ed.)
Change Management and New Governance in European Higher Education:

Ombudsing as a Contribution to Quality Assurance Startet den Datei-DownloadPDF (11 MB)

ENOHE Occasional Paper Nr. 3: Hans M. Eppenberger / Markus Kägi / Josef Leidenfrost
/ Eugen Teuwsen (eds.)
Complications Arising from Interpersonal Dependency
The Ombudsman’s Role in Avoiding and Solving Upcoming Problems and Conflicts in Institutions of Higher Education Startet den Datei-DownloadPDF (582 KB)

ENOHE Occasional Paper Nr. 4: Patrick Cras / Josef Leidenfrost (eds.)
Ombudsmen in Higher Education: Counsellor, Student Advocate, Watchdog? Startet den Datei-DownloadPDF (16 MB)

ENOHE Occasional Paper Nr. 5: Michael Reddy / Josef Leidenfrost (eds.)
Universities, Students and Justice Initiates file downloadPDF (8 MB)

ENOHE Occasional Paper Nr. 6: Ulrike Beisiegel / Josef Leidenfrost (eds.)
Lost in Transition? Defining the Role of Ombudsmen in the Developing Bologna World PDF (6 MB)

ENOHE Occasional Paper Nr. 7: Martine Conway / Josef Leidenfrost (eds.)
Common Objectives, Different Pathways: Embedding Ombudsman Principles and Practices into Higher Education Institutions PDF (9.6 MB)

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